Dakini Day

Now as any body who has ever had a crush knows, few things are as thrilling.  It’s an emotionally tantalizing mental and biological waterfall of mental projections and neuro-chemicals.  Thought I was over yoga guy.   After all, what was he thinking when he asked me if I made sweet love to my grandmother while in Phoenix?  Did he think I lied about staying with a Cherokee elder that I refer to out of respect as Grandmother–or was he so high that he bought his own line that there are many different ways to make love?  Over. It.  But Spanish Guitar, 90 minutes of sweaty power yoga and that cute ass that got me in trouble in the first place and, sister, you’ve got yourself a whole heap of goodies to use for practice.

Lama Tsultrim Allione has a fantastic book that goes into detail about Dakini Mandala practice.  It was no coincidence today that when I flipped on my iPad this morning, ready to imbibe some dharma with a cup of hot yerba mate tulsi chai, that the audiobook version of her book was cued up to the Padma chapter.  As Tsultrim guided her listeners through the  I stood facing south, gazing out over the gas flames the top of my stove.  I finished preparing my tea.  Sipping it, listening to the lama’s description of the enlightened, transformed state of passion, I drifted off into Dakini land ready.  Within in moments I was ready to trade in my desire for an eligible mate (or a hot fling) into an equally intense desire to manifest love without attachment for the benefit of all sentient beings started to open up in me…  I carried my tea and those feelings over to the couch and just rested there.  Eventually I began thinking  disconnected thoughts relating to the experience instead of being simply in the experience itself.  It started by wondering about whether I was relaxing in a natural state.

But then, inevitably began to drift back to the realm of wondering if I should order that Nutratint hair color on Vitacost.com, which dress to wear to the wine and cheese networking event tonight and wondering if I should venture from Dakini land into the realm of online dating.


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