Jung Analysis

This weekend my sister was visiting and we decided to check out the movie about Carl Jung, A Dangerous Method.  The movie itself was okay, she preferred the previews I preferred the en scene snacks.  But as one might expect from a Jungian movie it stirred up some incredible dreams and the next morning over some strong french press we analyzed them with the zeal, if not the skill, of two academics attempting actual surgery.



Tree Pose

Imagine what a different place the world would be if every one, every where sat quietly beneath a tree for just five minutes every day.  If it’s been a while since you’ve connected with some seriously tall foliage and/or you didn’t find your head bobbing up and down in agreement with that first sentence, find a tree, sit a bit and then come back to your computer screen.

(this is totally unedited... didn't notice the heart until after snapping this with my iPhone)

Flower Power

When my dear, sweet grandmother found out that I didn’t have a date for Valentines Day this year–or get any actual roses (besides the bouquet emoticon from C in SF, thanks C)– she gave me a couple of hers, pulled from the huge bunch that her children sent her.  I was cleaning up my place and almost threw out the dried petals before recognizing their vibration–totally pure love.  I’ll be keeping these petals, sharing them with friends and burning them with sage.